Shrewsbury Marble & Granite has actual slabs in stock that customers can touch and feel, not just samples. You can choose from 250 colors of actual slabs in our yard.

We do not recommend buying natural stones by sample or picture as natural stone always has color variations.

The large selection of natural stones includes but is not limited to:


Very elegant and luxurious stone with beauty that will last for generations.  Due to its versatility it can be used throughout a home, e.g. on fireplace mantels, ornamental furnishings, walls and window sills, and on almost every surface of a bathroom, including vanities, shower walls, tub decks etc.


Is available in a multitude of color ranges from black and gray to pinks, browns, reds, greens and white tones.  Due to its durability granite is ideal for kitchen countertops, accent islands, bar tops, everyday dining tables and many other uses. We have access to the most exotic and rare stones in the world from luxury and more expensive to very economical.


It is a metamorphic stone with a soft and warm feel.  Soapstone is resistant to chemicals, acid, water and heat.  Therefore it is a great choice for luxury kitchens and bathrooms.   Soapstone was common in many luxurious, historical homes and mansions. It comes in a blue, green, or grey cast.


Used as a building stone because it is readily available and easy to work with.  It is a sedimentary stone, layered and formed from the skeletons and shells of sea creatures that lived in vast, warm seas millions of years ago. Limestone is very elegant for flooring, fireplaces and bathrooms.

Quartz stone:

Is an abundant and inexpensive gemstone that makes an ideal countertop in many ways. Combining ground quartz with coloring pigment and a binding agent, it makes one of the most durable manufactured countertops on the market.


Similar to marble and granite, is a naturally beautiful stone. It has a large variety of designs, colors and shades in which it is formed, e.g. walnut, cream, gold, beige & ivory etc. Even though travertine countertops are very attractive. Therefore this stone is preferred for more decorative items such as flooring, walls and vanity tops and fireplaces.


Is the only translucent stone. Because of that, some designer or home owner choose to illuminate their island, bar or countertops from behind. Onyx is available in many exotic colors.


Popular flooring material, also used for exterior paving stones or pavers.  Other slate applications include kitchen countertops, fireplace facings, tabletops and roofing. Because of the earthy color, varied patterns and durability of slate stone that makes it an excellent choice for kitchen backsplashes. Slate comes in a variety of colors like black, grey, brown, beige, blue, green, red etc.

Shrewsbury Marble & Granite also carries a wide selection of kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and accessories such as:

  • Many choices of edges offered
  • Quartz solid surfaces by Ceasarstone, Silestone & other choices
  • Mosaic glass tiles for back splashes etc.
  • Porcelain tiles for flooring

We install most jobs within 7 days or less from template or measurements. Please come and visit our showroom for details, viewing and estimates or call 508-842-9800